The following is representative of the intellectual responses that come from the Left end of the spectrum, and, unfortunately, it didn't arrive in our mailbox in an edited form:

PULL OVER! WE ARE THE TALKING POINTS POLICE! PULL OVER! Islamo-fasists?! Ok, so ASSuming THAT is true, then BU$Hitler is a CHRISTO-FASCIST. Suck it up and enjoy b____.

BTW, why is YOUR "President" not doing anything about who REALLY caused 9/11 (other than the CIA and the BU$Hitler Crime Family by LIHOP...): THE F*** SAUDIS?! Oh wait, they're all his butt-buddies.

Every other day there's a new picture of Bush Bin Laden holding hands with a Saudi piece of s___ prince. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Lu Cifer

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